Are You The One Too?
Format Reality
Created by JamieFire
Creative director(s) LiveWitPeace
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 5
Location(s) Costa Rica
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original channel Vevmo
Original run December 16, 2014 – January 21, 2015

Following the rules of the MTV show Are You The One? 20 of Vevmo's hottest "singles" made their way to Costa Rica for their chance at love and a cut of the largest prize in Vevmo history, $1,000,000. A surprise twist added a 21st single looking for their own shot at love, adding a Double Match into the equation. It's a race to the truthbooth to help decipher this new puzzle in the twisted game. Will they be able to succeed and get the 10 perfect matches or will they be left with out the grand prize. The season premiered on December 16, 2014.


Host: JamieFire & LiveWitPeace

Team 1Sex
auldx Female
Clarke Male
DScott Male
hannamez8 Female
Jellybeangotswagger11 Male
LurkerNoMore Male
Morris1721 Male
raskkii Male
schaubeezy Male
_tasha Female
Youssarian Male
Team 2Sex
josh8793 Male
Klounsnax2.0 Male
Lionqueen11 Female
LucciVee Female
mickeyflo24 Male
202mitch Male
MTVJunky Male
nevidcm Male
PinkRose Female
WittyWrath Male


Team 1 Week
1 2 3 4 5 Perfect Match
auldx WittyWrath mickeyflo24 Klounsnax2.0 MTVjunky nevidcm nevidcm
Clarke LucciVee LucciVee LucciVee mickeyflo24 MTVjunky MTVjunky
Dscott PinkRose PinkRose PinkRose PinkRose PinkRose PinkRose
hannamez8 Klounsnax2.0 WittyWrath Lionqueen11 Klounsnax2.0 Klounsnax2.0 Klounsnax2.0
Jellybean MTVjunky N/A nevidcm nevidcm mickeyflo24 mickeyflo24
LurkerNoMore N/A nevidcm WittyWrath WittyWrath WittyWrath WittyWrath
Morris1721 mickeyflo24 MTVjunky josh8793 josh8793 josh8793 josh8793
raskkii nevidcm Klounsnax2.0 mickeyflo24 Lionqueen11 Lionqueen11 Lionqueen11
Schaubezzy josh8793 202Mitch OUT OUT OUT PinkRose
_tasha Lionqueen11 Lionqueen11 MTVjunky LucciVee LucciVee LucciVee
Youssarian 202Mitch josh8793 202Mitch 202Mitch 202Mitch 202Mitch
Correct Matches 3 1 4 7 10 10
Team 2 Week
1 2 3 4 5 Perfect Match
202mitch Youssarian Schaubeezy Youssarian Youssarian Youssarian Youssarian
josh8793 Schaubezzy Youssarian Morris1721 Morris1721 Morris1721 Morris1721
Klounsnax2.0 hannamez8 raskkii auldx hannamez8 hannamez8 hannamez8
Lionqueen11 _tasha _tasha hannamez8 raskkii raskkii raskkii
LucciVee Clarke Clarke Clarke _tasha _tasha _tasha
mickeyflo24 Morris1721 auldx raskkii Clarke Jellybean Jellybean
MTVjunky Jellybean Morris1721 _tasha auldx Clarke Clarke
nevidcm raskkii LurkerNoMore Jellybean Jellybean auldx auldx
PinkRose Dscott Dscott Dscott Dscott Dscott DScott & Schaubeezy
WittyWrath auldx hannamez8 MTVjunky LurkerNoMore LurkerNoMore LurkerNoMore
Correct Matches 3 1 4 7 10 10

Once the truth booths confirms the perfect match, that couple will go to the honeymoon suite and will automatically paired up for the remainder of the match ceremony.

In Episode 3, PinkRose & Dscott went to the truthbooth and became a confirmed perfect match. Thus, eliminating Schaubezzy from the game.


BOLD indicates the Perfect Matches

N/A indicates the contestant was not chosen in the match-up ceremon

     The contestant was the third match and was removed from the game.

Truth BoothsEdit

Couple Episode Result Eleventh Person
josh8793 & LurkerNoMore 1 Not A Match
nevidcm & raskkii 2 Not A Match
202mitch & Youssarian 3 Perfect Match Not A Match
DScott & PinkRose 3 Perfect Match Schaubezzy
hannamez8 & Lionqueen11 4 Not A Match
LucciVee & _tasha 4 Perfect Match Not A Match
raskkii & Lionqueen 5 Perfect Match Not A Match
auldx & nevdicm 5 Perfect Match Not A Match