Vevmo's Mole
Who Is The Mole Title
Format Reality
Created by hannamez8
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 9
Location(s) Paraguay
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original channel Vevmo
Original airing April 28, 2015

Vevmo's Mole if the first season of the reality game show "The Mole." Vevmo's Mole took place on April 28, 2015. It consisted of 17 players from various forum games and newcomers. This season was set in Paraguay.

Players must work together in various missions in order to build up the cash pot for one winner. However, one of the 17 players is a double agent, also known as "The Mole". Their job is to sabotage the groups efforts of winning money while trying to avoid too much suspicion on him/herself. Players must observe and track down vast amount of details of the person(s) they suspect being The Mole. Because after every round, players knowledge of The Mole is tested and the player who scores the lowest is then executed from the game.

Contestants Edit

Host: hannamez8

PlayerAgeHometownGame Status
badladjj 19 Illinois IN
BostonBoy 19 Massachusetts IN
DarkFights 21 England IN
DScott 26 New York IN
Emotional 19 Norway IN
JohnPhoenix 27 Puerto Rico IN
Gucci Mane 27 North Carolina OUT
JAMiEFiRE 23 Florida OUT
LurkerNoMore 21 Florida OUT
justintime 21 California OUT
josh8793 21 Texas OUT
mickeyflo24 20 Texas OUT
Velocithot 19 Gerogia OUT
Francisco 21 Venezeula OUT
CMJ 27 New York OUT
kollanekoer 22 Estonia OUT

Execution Chart Edit

Player Episode
justintime INININOUT
josh8793 INOUT
mickeyflo24 INOUT
Velocithot INOUT
Francisco INOUT
kollanekoer OUT
     The player was safe from execution.
     The player won an exemption.
     The player scored the lowest on the quiz and was executed.

GamePlay Edit

Episode 1 recap
Original airdate: April 28, 2015
Location: Paraguay
Mission Money earned Possible earnings
Over the Forums $20,000 $80,000
Hidden Treasures $0 $5,000
Current Pot $20,000 $85,000
DScott Exemption found in "Hidden Treasures" mission
kollanekoer 1st player executed
CMJ 2nd player executed

Episode 1Edit

  • Over the Forums: Players were asked to vote, in a secret poll, who they thought the mole was based on first impressions. By majority, Kollanekoer was chosen and it was revealed that she would have control in this mission. The rest of the players task was to find quotes by using the provided Username and Key Phrase that were specifically given to each player. They were to allowed to use two hints max, but with each hint included a time penalty. Each quote that players found could potentially add $10,000 to the pot. Of the sixteen quotes, only eight were real money, while the other eight were worthless and would add nothing to the pot. It was Kollanekoer's secret task to assign which players will search for quotes that would add money and which players would find quotes that were worthless. Out of the 6 players who successfully found their quote, only two added money to the pot. Which in total, the group earned $20,000 was added to the pot.
  • Hidden Treasures: Eight players were asked to pick one of the eight envelopes that were placed. Each envelope contained something different: An exemption, jokers, cash, or nothing. Once each player has selected their envelope and viewed what was inside, they were then told that they were not keeping their envelope but in fact are trading envelopes with one of the contestants within the time limit. Unfortunately some were unable to trade within the time limit, which then resulted in them having to return their envelopes back. But for those who did trade within the time limit, they got to keep their prize except for the cash. Since the players who had 1/2 of 2,500 in their envelopes did not trade with each other, it lead the group to earning nothing for this mission. Losing out a chance of banking $5,000 as it would of been raised from the original $2,500.
Episode 2 recap
Original airdate: May 5, 2015
Location: Paraguay
Mission Money earned Possible earnings
GOALLL! $0 $35,000
Piggybank $0 $25,000
Current Pot $20,000 $145,000
badladjj From keeping $35,000 out of the pot in "GOALLL!" mission
Gucci Mane
Francisco 3rd player executed
HURRICANENIAFAN 4th player executed
Velocithot 5th player executed
mickeyflo24 6th player executed
josh8793 7th player executed

Episode 2Edit

  • GOALLL!: Players were asked themselves into one group of three, known as the "Uphill battle" team and the rest of the players in the group known as "Goal Oriented." badladjj, DScott, and Gucci Mane voted themselves into the Uphill battle team. The two teams had to battle against each other in a traditional South American football game. If the Goal Oriented team could win, they would add $35,000 into the pot. But had they lost, the Uphill battle team will all have earned themselves an exemption. Unfortunately in the stand still game, neither teams scored a point which then gave the Uphill battle team the exemptions by default.
  • Piggybank: Players had to unscramble words to create two sentences. Each word had a big in the background to help them figure out what the phrase may say. Once a player had figured out what the correct answer was, he/she could of potentially earned them an exemption and taken money out of the pot. But had players not figured out the answer within the time limit. Each word that was placed correctly would of been worth $5,000. But this mission never started because players felt confident enough to not partake in the mission and go straight onto the quiz. Because of that, they lost a chance of earning $25,000 into the pot.
Episode 3 recap
Original airdate: May 11, 2015
Location: Paraguay
Mission Money earned Possible earnings
Fruit of the Loom $8,000 $70,000
FML $30,000 $50,000
Current Pot $58,000 $265,000
justintime 8th player executed
LurkerNoMore 9th player executed
JAMiEFiRE 10th player executed

Episode 3Edit

  • Fruit of the Loom: Players were asked to split into 2 groups, 5 who "Can’t trust anyone" and the other five who "Trust blindly." Then they were told to pick a partner from the opposite group so that there were now 3 groups of 2 that consisted 1 member from "Can't trust anyone" and "Trust Blindly." The Trust Blindly people where given a series of fruits, their job was to retell their partner what they saw within the time limit. It was then the "Can't trust anyone" group to retell me what they were told from given the information they received by their partner and the fruits I laid out. One team was disqualified because of cheating and only banked $8,000 out of a possibility of $70,000.
  • FML: Players had to partner up and try to get their fellow Vevmo peers to post an FML story that they have receive from me. Each pair could potentially add up $10,000 if they got 2 posters or get $5,000 if they got 1 user to post it. In the end, players were happy to receive $30,000 out of $50,000 for this mission.
Episode 4 recap
Original airdate: May 18, 2015
Location: Paraguay
Mission Money earned Possible earnings
All for One $0 $25,000
Travelers $0 $30,000
Current Pot $58,000 $310,000
JohnPhoenix Exemption earned in "All for One" mission
Gucci Mane 11th player executed
  • All for One: